Monday, August 31, 2009

Paintbrush bday card

DragonArtz has amazing vector files and I fell in love w/ one of them. My dad is a painter/carpenter and I thought this paintbrush would be perfect for his birthday card. I love how it turned out, I couldn't really cut out all the small pieces but I still love it. Go check out the WEBSITE!!!.


KimberlyO said...

I love this card! I downloaded the file(s) from DragonArtz and hope to make a similar card for my in-laws as a thank you card for helping us paint our house this past week. :) I sure am glad that your blog came up after Googling paintbrush and Sure Cuts A Lot.


Joe and Tracy in Ecuador said...

I saw the cutest french fry box die cut today. Could you possible make one into an SVG file? thanks for all of you files, they are amazing