Sunday, July 19, 2009

DIY Card buttons/embellishments

I can't remember why or how exactly I got into polymer clay...the point is I did and I may have bought too much clay over time...but for 99 cents and so many colors I couldn't resist. I'm sad to say my pendants didn't come out too well so I decided to keep it simple and make my own buttons.

-cookie cutters (found in the cake aisle at crafts stores)
-Sculpey/Fimo polymer clay
-sharp cutting tool
-1 or 2 cotton swabs
-acrylic stamp block
-aluminum foil

1. Pick the clay you want and condition it...just play w/ it until it gets softer. Next flatten it..before I had my spaghetti machine I used an acrylic block for this step.
2. Next use the cookie cutter to cut out the shapes you want from the clay and cut your cotton swab in half and poke 2 holes in the poly clay shapes. Now put them on aluminum foil and cover them w/ foil also and bake by following directions on the package. Let them cool for a embellish away!

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